Public Battlefield Tours

The only way to truly understand a battle is to walk in the footsteps of those who took part. Our tours follow those footsteps and give you unique access.

The Naseby Battlefield Project offers public tours of Naseby Battlefield four times a year. These tours are often enriched by friends and supporting reenactor groups bringing key-aspects of the story to life on the actual battlefield. You will be surprised who you might meet…

 The prices for public tours start at £25.00 per person and if numbers permit, we will run more than one tour on the same day. For this price we include our specially commissioned, and highly rated Battlefield Maps & Interpretation Booklets – which are exclusive to Battlefield Tourists. To make sure that these are available we ask for you to pre-book the Battlefield Tours. We are sorry but we cannot accept visitors on the day. 

We limit our group sizes to around 20 people [hopefully sharing as few as 5 cars to minimise local disruption]. Please note, the full tour lasts about 4 hours, and will take you across the entire battlefield, and extends to several miles. Public Tours offer some seats in a shared mini-bus, but some of you might prefer to use your own cars. Either way we will need vehicles to get across the whole battlefield.

Dates for the tours vary each year, but they are usually on the closest weekend to the anniversary of the battle [14th June], and also the half-yearly anniversary [14th December]. To keep up to date with Naseby Battlefield Project news and battlefield tour dates, please follow us on Facebook or sign up for our free E-newsletter by emailing


Joining details for each tour are given on the Eventbrite page.

Please click on the date that you would like to join, and remember, children 16 and under go free!

More Tours coming soon!

Bespoke Battlefield Tours

Your opportunity to define what you would like in a tour. We will then seek out the right guide for you and your group, and arrange privileged access to all the right places.

The Naseby Battlefield Project offers bespoke tours of the battlefield for individuals, groups and organisations of all types; including businesses, schools, universities, veteran groups, and the armed forces. Our tours are drawn from our experiences as members of the Armed Forces or from our academic or business careers, and our knowledge of the battlefield itself.

Tours typically take four hours and we recommend mornings for the experience to reflect the actual timings of the battle itself. We know that people will need to travel to get here and therefore afternoons are also possible for a bespoke tour.

The ideal number for groups is between 10-20 people. We do arrange tours for individuals or small groups just let us know below and we will help. The minimum price of a Bespoke Tour is £250.00 for a group up to ten, with each additional person above ten costing £25.00 up to a group limit of twenty. Our specially commissioned, and highly rated Battlefield Maps and Interpretation Booklets are included in the tour price. To make sure that these are available for you on the day, numbers should be confirmed when booking the tour.

Please note: As the battlefield extends for several miles, this is a self- drive tour and you will require transport to complete the full tour. You should also wear stout footwear as we will be walking to specific points of interest across fields and open countryside.

For further details on walks and talks download and complete the Battlefield Tour Request and return it to

The Royalist Tour

A battlefield tour with a Royalist perspective on the battle.

The Parliament Tour

A battlefield Tour with a Parliamentary viewpoint.

Leadership for Business

A tour focusing on how business can learn from the battle

War Games & Strategy

A deep-dive into the tactics & strategy from both sides.

REMEMBER:- no one else has access to the places we can take you. If you are a Tour Guide or a business offering battlefield tours, please contact us to unlock the Naseby battlefield for you.




We can come to your business, club, society, school, university etc. and give a talk on the battle, the military campaign leading up to the engagement, or both! Our presentation can be tailored to your organisational needs. To get the best understanding of the most important battle in English history after Hastings, why not book an introductory talk, followed up with a Battlefield Tour which can be tailored to your group’s requirements?

For further details on walks and talks download and complete the Battlefield Tour Request and return it to

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