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The Naseby Battlefield Project aims to enhance visitor facilities at Naseby battlefield – You can help by becoming a Friend or Benefactor. The vision of the Trustees is that the Naseby Battlefield Visitor Centre will be an information resource about the Battle itself, the Civil War, the political and social history of the era, the rural environment in the 1600s and what life was like at the time. It will place the English Civil War in its proper context in the evolution of modern parliamentary democracy and by doing so put Naseby alongside Hastings, Bosworth and Culloden in contemporary thinking.



Local Blue-Badge Tourist Guide, and Member of the Institute of Tourist Guides, James Carpenter, is leading a number of walks in 2023 titled ‘Harborough and the Battle of Naseby’. James has kindly offered to donate all proceeds to the Naseby Battlefield Project. 

The Walks are set for the following dates:


15th April 2023

23rd April 2023

10th September 2023

21st October 2023


Naseby is the most important battlefield in England

 Naseby settled the English Civil War…

On the 14th June 1645 the King’s principal army was eliminated. The King’s cabinet and incriminating papers were captured and within a year, the war was over.  The victory established Parliament’s right to a permanent role in the government of the kingdom.  Naseby was a victory for the army ‘new modelled’ – Britain’s first regular, red-coated soldiers and is, for many, the birth place of the British Army.

As a national monument, Naseby field is unmatched. Despite the addition of farm buildings and the enclosing of fields, the landscape remains intact and has not been built over. There are no uncertainties over the location or orientation of the battle. Today’s visitors can stand on the ground where democracy was won, confident of how the action unfolded. 2015 was the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta … but it was not until Naseby in 1645, that Parliament would establish its defining role in British liberties.

Our vision for the Battlefield at Naseby

The Naseby Battlefield Project’s mission is that visitors to this iconic heritage site have access to the best facilities, information and interpretation. Now is the right time to begin the next stage of our work – please review this website to discover our plans, book a tour, and see what the battlefield already offers. If you would like to support our work going forward, why not make a donation? Please email and we will forward details and if appropriate a Gift Aid Form.